“Packing List for Antique Show Dealers”

When we decided to try our hand at setting up a booth at an antique show, we chose the fall 2010 show at the Red Barn at Round Top, Texas. We scoured the internet for tips in hopes of packing the van with necessary items for our first show. Unfortunately, we could not find much information. We spent a week pulling things together and thought we covered all the bases. Of course, we missed a few items, but luckily for us, we had friends (thanks Tammy and Don!) at the same show and they were well-prepared and shared supplies with us.

A lot of work goes into preparing a booth, whether it’s at an out-of-town show or a local market. Through trial and error, we survived our first show and thought we’d share our list. So, we’ve written the “Packing List for Antique Show Dealers” and, hopefully, it will help other newbies. Good Luck!

Transportation Items-Boxes, Bubble wrap, Bungee Cords, Car Jack to lift loaded trailer off/on hitch, Cardboard, Flashlight, Flat Tire Fix in a can, Hitch, Large trash bags, Packing quilts, Padlock and keys, Rope, Trailer, Wheeled cart or dolly (check the air in the tires), Wrench.

Business Center-“All sales final” stamp, “For deposit only” stamp, Apron, Bags, Box Tape, Business cards, Calculator, Cell Phone and charger, Chair, Change, Checkbook, Clock, Copy of contract, Credit Card Machine/Gadget (if you take credit cards), Cups, Fanny Pack/Crossover bag, Goo Be Gone to remove old gummy stickers, Kleenex, Labels, Laptop, Magnifier, Notepad, Paper towels, Pens (red, too), Radio, Reading material, Receipt book, Red SOLD tags, Resources books, Scotch Tape, Stanley knife, Stapler, String tags, Tape measures, Tax ID, Tax-exempt state paperwork for other dealers to be tax free, Tissue paper or newsprint for wrapping

Display-Book cases/Baker’s Racks, Broom, Bug Spray, Candy, Carpet/rugs, Cleaning supplies (Old English), Do Not Enter Roping, Dust Pan, Easels, Extension Cords-Several, Flowers, Ladder, Leveling material-Shims, Light Bulbs, Lighting-We used clip-on lights, Peg Board, Pegs/hooks, Pop Up Canopy (if you are outside), Power Strip, Rags to clean merchandise, Sign, Staple gun and staples, Strapping tape, Sun Umbrella (if you are outside), Tablecloths, Tables, Tarps, Tool kit-hammer, screwdriver, pliers

Personal-Comfortable shoes (you will be standing all day), Cooler, Fan, First-aid kit, Hand wipes, Hat and Sunglasses for outside, Medicine, Name Tag, Snacks, Sunscreen, Thermos

One last note: put these items in your car last because you’ll need them out first. (Obviously, we didn’t think of that one!)

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