A Week at the Big Red Barn

A few months ago, we decided to try our hand at selling at an antique show. We decided on the Original Round Top Antique Show (the Big Red Barn) near Round Top Texas. The show is part of the two weeks of the biannual Antiques Week of Texas located between Houston and Austin along State Highway 237. Approximately 60 shows occur during both the spring and the fall each year. Last year, we attended the fall Antique Week as a buyer, but this year, we experienced the other side, as dealers.

As first-time dealers, we jumped right into one of the major antique shows in America and had a positive outcome. We rented a small booth in a huge circus tent and set up shop for four days. People from all over the country visited our show and we sold items to customers from as far away as New York and California.

Take a look at our photos from the start to finish of our dealer week at the Big Red Barn.


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2 responses to “A Week at the Big Red Barn

  1. Very impressive! Your booth is beautiful! I know how much work went in to it, but I’m sure you guys had so much fun it was worth it!!

  2. Your booth looks amazing! I’m am so glad it was such a success!!! You made it look so great!! Love ya! Can’t wait to see the shop when I come home in one week!!! -Katie

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