Outside the Castle at the Pie Shop

A typically evening, on an antique buying trip, means a quick dinner and back to the hotel room to prepare the manifest paperwork for the shippers. However, sometimes, you just need a break. So, we took one!

Following an exhausting day of antiquing, we headed into town to sample the nightlife in Lincoln. Lincoln is our home base for our English buying trips. A taxi dropped us off at the Castle Square in the Cathedral Quarter, where the Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral can be found. We’ve been to Lincoln twice now but haven’t seen much of the town, since sightseeing really isn’t part of our shopping trips.

During our previous visit, we explored the cathedral. The gothic cathedral’s construction began in 1185 and it is one of the tallest in all of England. As you approach the town, you can see it for many miles because not only is it tall, but the town is located on a hill. It has been featured in several films, including the Da Vinci Code and the latest Robin Hood movie, starring Russell Crowe. The Lincoln Castle was built by William the Conqueror and is the home to one of the four existing copies of the Magna Carta.

For this visit, we walked around exploring Bailgate and continued down Steep Hill. Shops have been located in this area since the Romans built here over 2000 years ago. At this point, we were shopped “out” so we headed into the pub “Magna Carta” for a quick pint and a Bulmers (Theresa’s favorite Hard Cider). From our window seat, we watched a ghost tour pass by on the cobble street and locals dart in and out of stores through the light rain.
For dinner, we followed the recommendations of our fellow antiquers, Robert and Cassie, and ate at Browns Pie Shop and Restaurant. Theresa had a steak and oyster pie and I had a rabbit pie. They were baked in small casseroles and covered with puff pastry. Quite tasty! But alas, no black birds were baked in either of them. English food has improved a lot since we first went to England 30 years ago.

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