Shop Quickly…Here Comes the Rain!

Belgium 2010, Part 3 of 3 Waterloo.

Eight miles outside of Brussels is the town of Waterloo. The place where Napoleon was defeated by the British, ending his reign of power.  Who knew the battlefield was in Belgium; we didn’t. However, we knew there was a flea market nearby.

Every Sunday, there’s an open-air flea market held in Waterloo and sellers, from Belgium and France, sell directly out of their car boots (trunks!). We arrived early and got some serious shopping done before the rain came. We found a number of outstanding antique oil paintings, which we snapped up, and also, we purchased several carved wood items. Most of the vendors that we spoke to, didn’t actually speak English, but everyone can write numbers! The vendors were friendly and more than willing to negotiate. Some even let us take their photos. We had a great time shopping most of the morning, even during the rain. True antiquers are always prepared for the weather.

Following Waterloo, we flew to England for a week of antiquing. Next blog: England Fairs and Markets.

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