A Trip Back in Time

Brugge Canal

Belgium 2010, Part 2 of 3 Brugge.

On our second day in Belgium, we took an hour-long train ride up to Brugge, Belgium. A canal boat tour is the best way to view the delightful town, so we climbed aboard for the 30 minute tour and then set out on foot to explore Brugge. We immediately tracked down the Saturday Antique Market that we spotted along the canal. We made a few purchases and were surprised at how well the dealers spoke English. Our purchases were sent to our container in England and will arrive in Springfield around mid-October.

Saturday Antique Market in Brugge

Purchasing Antiques in Brugge

Brugge is a charming medieval canal town and is a step back into a different era. Tourists flock to this UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its old world appeal. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe and a perfect place for plein-air artists. Brugge is an easy walking town, and we explored alleys, bridges, canals and courtyards and, of course, sampled the Belgium chocolate and candy.


See Theresa in the right hand corner?

The Belfry Tower in Brugge

Cuberdons are the Best!

Next blog: Belgium 2010, Part 3 of 3 Waterloo. We’re just getting to the good stuff!

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