Brussels has Buckets of Mussels

Belgium 2010, Part 1 of 3 Brussels.

Our fall antique European buying trip began with an intentional day of sightseeing in Brussels. For novices, we were surprised that Brussels has a French flair rather than Dutch. The city looks and feels a lot like Paris.  As luck would have it, we landed on a crowded weekend that held the Brussels Flower Carpet Festival. In the middle of the historic Grand Place square, an enormous carpet of begonias fills the square and a light and music show thrills visitors at night. The tradition occurs every two years for one weekend in August. We entered the Town Hall, build in the 1400s, and ascended to the balcony for the best view. The square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architecture is amazing.

Flower Carpet Festival

Architectural Detail

We visited the Sablon antique area, near a beautiful gothic church and ate at Chez Leon. The restaurant is on the Rue de Bouchers, a small cobbled lane full of restaurants, and is recommended by our best buddy, Rick Steves. Here we ate the mandatory Bucket of Mussels that Brussels is famous for and frites. We also sampled Belgium beer.

Chez Leon on Rue de Bouchers

Mussels, Frites and Beer

Next blog: Belgium 2010, Part 2 of 3 Brugge.

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