What a Find!

I’ve recently purchased an Enoch Wood & Sons grapevine border platter. Staffordshire blue and white platters in good condition are hard to find, but occasionally I can meet the challenge and score.

Enoch Wood Grapeview Border Platter

The platter’s scene is “Harewood House, Yorkshire”.  The transfer printing is from the series from prints by John Preston Neale in his Views of the Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen in England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland, between 1818 and 1829.

Enoch Wood Platter Closeup

One of the fun things about collecting this particular pearlware series is researching the scene. Harewood Hall is a majestic home with landscaped gardens near Leeds, England. The house was built from 1759-1771 for a family that made its money in the West Indies. The grounds were designed by Capability Brown.

Harewood House

Today, the house is still the family home of the original Lascelles family. It is a trust ownership structure and is one of the popular tourist attractions in Yorkshire. It is well known for its Bird Garden. Here is a link to the official website for Harewood House, http://www.harewood.org/home. Check it out.

The platter is 10 7/8 x 14 ½”. The number of the design is WGB-33. It is listed in Blue and White Pottery, Volume 1, page 171.

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