Listed Davenport Artist-Charles Harry Kellner

Charles Harry Kellner, 1945 Rural Scene

New at the gallery this week is a painting by Charles Harry Kellner, 1890-1979. He was a Chicago Illinois artist who specialized in portraits, landscapes and still-life. He is listed in the Fieldings, Mattlett and in Davenport’s Art Reference, ed. 2009-2010 on page 1450. He was born in Czechoslovakia, moved to the United States and became an Early 20th Century Chicago painter. He served in WWI and, after the Armistice, continued his education at Art schools in Paris and returned to the United States attending the Art Institute in Chicago.

The painting is an oil on canvas painted in 1945 and is 19 ¾” x 25”. It is signed in the lower right. The painting has nicely blended brightly illuminated colors, featuring a rural scene. A small amount of impasto, thickly applied paint by a palette knife, can be seen in the grass and the clouds. Nicely composed scene.

Charles Harry Kellner's Signature

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