Hammer Down at the Wabash Auction House

Part of the antique experience is getting out into the local surroundings to find those treasures that are hidden bargains. Today, I attended the June 17th Wabash Auctionhall in Springfield Mo. It’s a Billy Long Auction (side note we went to school together years ago). The auction featured bronze, sterling, marbles, toys, glassware, collectibles, furniture, etc. I went seeking a hand-carved frame I had seen on their website.

Frames are one of my interests. So when I saw the photo on the website, I decided to check it out. As usual, as in most cases, the hand-carved frame is worth much more than the picture inside the frame. It was in great shape.

Turnout was good and prices were reasonable. Bidding was friendly, but somewhat competitive. As usual, I bought more than was on my list. Here’s a photo of a few of my acquisitions.

The antique oval walnut mirror is from an estate in Denver CO. I like knowing the history of items and the niece of the original owner filled me in on the name and place. The mirror is in good shape, with a brass lip, and is 9.5” x 11.5”.

The amber glass bowl with metal overlay has a medieval look that caught my eye. It is 4 ¼” square, 2 ½” tall.

The table has a pie crust top with a carved pillar. It would look wonderful painted as a shabby chic item.

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